• Sunday, April 20th: Vintage
  • Saturday, April 19th: Pauper Tournament
  • Born of the Gods Limited Ladder
  • Saturday, April 5th: Sanctioned Legacy
  • Every Monday: $5 Legacy Constructed
  • Sunday, April 13th: Theros / Born of the Gods Sealed
  • Born of the Gods Sealed League Winners
  • Journey Into Nyx Prerelease & Release, plus a Pro Tour Qualifier!
  • Saturday, April 19th: Modern Masters Draft

Upcoming Events

We run regular Magic: The Gathering, Pathfinder, and Dungeons & Dragons events almost every night of the week, plus tournaments, pre-release and release events, and more!

Junior Planeswalker Society

A special booster draft, sealed deck, or constructed Magic event for kids 14 and under every Saturday!

April Vintage

Vintage constructed tournament. Up to 15 proxies. $25 entry.

Monday Legacy

Check out our new weekly Legacy event! Monday nights at 7 PM. $5 entry fee.

Wednesday Standard

Test your latest homebrew at our weekly casual Standard tournament, every Wednesday at 7.