Magic: the Gathering

Wednesday Commander


Casual play night — no registration required, just bring your deck, find a group, and start playing!

What is Commander?

Formerly known as EDH, Commander is a casual multiplayer format that works a bit differently than other constructed formats. Your deck must contain exactly 100 cards, and no more than 1 of any card (other than basic lands). One of those cards must be a legendary creature — that’s your general. The rest of your deck may only contain colorless cards and cards of your commander’s color(s) — if a card contains a mana symbol anywhere on it that’s not one of your commander’s colors, you can’t include it in your deck!

During gameplay, your commander begins in a special “command zone”, and you can cast it from there at any time by paying its mana cost. When your commander dies or is exiled, it instead returns to the command zone, and you may cast it again by paying its mana cost, plus {2} for each time it’s previously been cast from the command zone. So, the third time you play your commander, you’d pay its mana cost plus {4}.

Your life total starts at 40, and in addition to the normal ways to lose, you also lose the game if you take a total of 21 combat damage from any single commander over the course of the game!