Magic: the Gathering


  • On-site registration opens at 11 AM.
  • Registration at the door will be $30, save time and money by preregistering online. If preregistering with store credit, please call 510-883-0814 to reserve your spot.
  • Sanctioned -- No proxies allowed.
  • Competitive REL -- A decklist is required.
  • Swiss rounds with cut to Top 8.
  • 100% prize payout in store credit.

Eudemonia will be running 3 Season 1 Eternal Weekend Qualifiers, Legacy on Sunday, March 10th, Vintage on Sunday, April 14th, and Legacy on Sunday, May 12th.

The 2019 NA Eternal Weekend Trial Series offer players the opportunity to earn up to 2 byes at the 2019 NA Vintage and Legacy Championship, along with additional prizes, all at their local game store!

There will be 2 seasons for Trials. The first runs from March 1st through June 14th and the second is from June 15th through September 30th. We are now currently accepting requests for Season 1. Stores have the opportunity to schedule up to 3 Trials during each season.

Winners are awarded with a 1-Round bye to the appropriate Championship event, as well as store credit and a random playmat from a previous Eternal Weekend.