Magic: The Gathering

Hearthstone Fireside Gathering


Fireside Gathering

Signups open at 4 PM

  • Casual Standard Tournament format.
  • $5 entry fee.
  • Join us for Eudemonia’s very first Hearthstone Fireside Gathering! We’ll be doing a swiss round Standard tournament with prize support in store credit. Players of all skill levels are welcome.
  • Each month, play a new exclusive and unique Fireside Brawl! February’s brawl is the Hall of Champions.
  • Earn store credit as well as in-game prizes, such as the swanky Fireside Gathering card back, and the adorable Warlock hero, Nemsy Necrofizzle!
  • Registration opens at 4PM.
  • 100% prize payout in store credit.
Fireside Gathering Card Back
Nemsy Necrofizzle Warlock Hero