Magic: the Gathering

June Pauper

  • In-store registration opens at 11 AM.
  • Registration at the door will be $12. Save time and money by preregistering online. If you are preregistering with store credit, please call 510-883-0814 to reserve your spot.
  • 4–5 Swiss rounds, depending on attendance.
  • Prizes awarded in store credit.
  • This event will use Magic Online card rarities. Only cards with online printings as commons are legal. Cards that -have been printed on paper as commons but not online, like Hymn to Tourach and Sinkhole, are not legal. Cards that have not been printed on paper as common, but have been online, like Death Spark and Arrogant Wurm, are legal.
  • Additionally, the following cards are banned:

Cloud of Faeries Cloudpost Cranial Plating Daze Empty the Warrens Frantic Search Gitaxian Probe Grapeshot Gush Invigorate Peregrine Drake Temporal Fissure Treasure Cruise