Keyforge: Age of Ascension Sealed Chainbound

  • Sealed format
  • Regular REL
  • Sanctioned

Calling all Archons!

Discover new cards and new strategies in the second Keyforge release; Age of Ascension! The world of the Crucible is vast—what will you uncover in your journeys? Are you ready to seek the knowledge of a new age? Let your curiosity lead you to new discoveries and step into the Age of Ascension!

Join us for the launch of Age of Ascension! We will be playing a sealed chainbound tournament using the new Archon decks from Age of Ascension. Your $15 entry fee includes an Age of Ascension Archon deck. Prizes will be awarded in store credit based tournament attendance and final placement.

Become the Alpha and the Omega with the Age of Ascension!