Star Wars: Destiny

Star Wars Destiny Convergence Draft

Play Star Wars Destiny sealed using a draft kit and six Convergence booster packs. Purchase an Allies of Necessity or Rivals draft kit at the store or bring one of your own. Entry fee includes six booster packs of Star Wars Destiny: Convergence.

Players will split their packs into two sets of three. They will open the packs and set the dice in the center of the table. Then players draft the card they want, and pass the rest of the pack to the player on their left. When that pack is depleted, players will combine the second trio of packs and repeat the process, this time passing the cards to their right. Players will then build their decks from the cards they drafted and combine the cards with their draft kit pack to make their decks. We have a limited number of Allies of Necessity and Rivals packs available for sale, but players are free to bring a previously purchased Allies of Necessity or Rivals pack for use in the event.

This will be a Winter kit tournament, additional prizes will be awarded in store credit based on attendance and placement.

Entry Fee: $20. Walk-in registration opens at noon, one hour before the event.