Magic: the Gathering

Ravnica Allegiance League


Entry fee includes three Ravnica Allegiance booster packs.

Building Your Deck

  • Build a 30-card (minimum) deck using your booster packs and basic lands.
  • You may only use cards in your pool plus the basic lands.
  • A 30-card deck should include about 17 spells (11-15 creatures) and about 13 lands.

Playing Matches

  • Play single-game matches. Each player gets one free mulligan per match.
  • You and your opponent can agree to play best 2 of 3 games if you both wish.
  • Play anyone during the course of the league. No limit on total games.
  • Try not to play the same person twice in a row.

Get More Packs!

  • You may purchase one pack per week at the start of League Night to add to your deck.
  • Lose three games and you can purchase another pack to add to your deck.


Prizes will be awarded in store credit. Specific prize structure and schedule TBD.