Keyforge Launch Party Thursday


The Crucible is a strange and wondrous place. A world where you are considered almost godlike, O Archon, and the creatures of the Great Houses that follow your lead may very well represent species that originated at the farthest corners of the galaxy.

This is a world cobbled together from the fragments of countless other planets, and it houses untold knowledge and power—most of which are hidden away in secret Vaults…

And now, O Archon, the time to open these Vaults is fast approaching, for on November 15, KeyForge shall be released, accompanied by a Launch Parties held at Eudemonia on Thursday November 15th and Saturday November 17th, and your quest for the Crucible's greatest secrets shall commence!

After you learn to play the game in the store, you can collect Active House Cards and a House poster, while supplies last!