L5R: Battle for Stronghold

Which clan will rule Eudemonia? You decide in the Battle for Stronghold event. Eudemonia will become a stronghold for the clan that wins the event

Face other bushi and courtiers in battle, defend your clan and prove to the Emperor that the way of your clan is superior to the ways of the lesser clans. The highest placing member of your clan will win a textless extended art promotional card depicting your clan champion (in the case of a tie, the winner will be selected randomly). Players will also receive pins depicting the five rings.

Clan roles will be enforced for this event.

Crab: Keeper of Earth
Crane: Seeker of Air
Dragon: Seeker of Fire
Lion: Keeper of Fire
Phoenix: Keeper of Water
Scorpion: Seeker of Void
Unicorn: Keeper of Void

Entry Fee: $10, save time and money by registering on line, on line preregistration is $8.

Note: In the event the Battle for Stronghold kit is delayed, we will still play L5R and hand out pins and extended art cards and reschedule the Battle for Stronghold.